Masterworks 6

The Planets

March 15, 2018

Thursdsay | 8:00 pm | Neel PAC

March 16, 2018

Friday | 8:00 pm | Van Wezel

March 17, 2018

Saturday | 8:00 pm | Van Wezel

March 18, 2018

Sunday | 2:30 pm | Van Wezel


Join our discovery of thrilling and heavenly music. No piece of classical music may be better at taking our imagination on a breathtaking journey toward outer space than Holst's The Planets. Holst uses his expertise in brass to bring a rich palette to depicting the mythical personalities of the planets. Performances at the Van Wezel will include projections of NASA images that make this experience a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

Roger Zare's Lift-Off, a celebration of human space exploration, is an action-packed overture and will take you from Earth to Saturn in three minutes.

With a sound that some have described as out-of-this-world, soprano Pureum Jo will join Sarasota Orchestra to sing a variety of Mozart's best and most beautiful concert arias.

Video will not be shown at Neel PAC.


Chi sà, chi sà, qual sia

Vado ma dove

Bella mia fiamma – Resta o cara
The Planets


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