Fond memories for a year, an affiliation for a lifetime.

The Debutante Program of Sarasota and Manatee Counties is an auxiliary of the Sarasota Orchestra and raises funds for our youth programs. A tagline for the Debutante Program is "Youth Serving Youth."

The Deb program is designed to recognize the notable young women who excel academically, socially and morally in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. More than the historical perception of Debs being introduced to “society”, our contemporary Deb program celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional young women embarking on their Senior year of high school in a family fun way.

Those who participate in The Debutante Program benefit as well from their affiliation with and connection to a select group of individuals who are also high achievers and invaluable resources, the program’s Post-Debutantes. The Sarasota/Manatee Post-Debutantes make up a group of accomplished women who have completed their educational endeavors, and are “breaking glass ceilings,” making their marks on professions, industries and communities throughout the US and the world. Regardless of a Debutante’s chosen path in life, she will forever have access to the network of Post-Debutantes who can serve as mentors, friends and role models, as well as sharing a commitment to community service.

To date, the Debutante Program has raised and contributed more than $1,000,000 to the youth programs of the Sarasota Orchestra.


Demonstrating that the modern Debutante is much more than a white dress, the girls show off their varied passions and activities.

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Written byHerald Tribune

 There's no doubt, audiences are thrilled by the Sarasota Orchestra's new music director, Anu Tali. She's brought an intense energy from the orchestra in previous performances and we found this yet again in a downright thrill ride of an encounter...  

Written byHerald Tribune

 Literally gripping the arms of my seat, I was not the only one propelled on this rollercoaster of delightful music.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 Every section and soloist within the orchestra played their role with strength and beauty; every tree proud and tall. Tali served as an excellent guide leading the forces with assured confidence. The overall sound was lush and, yes, intense just where it needed to be.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 The Sarasota Orchestra was brimming with bubbling energy...  

Written byHerald Tribune

 A lifetime of musical moments, cinematic in scope, gave every section of the orchestra a leading role at one time or another. Chief among them was the virtuosic solo of concertmaster Daniel Jordan.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 It was a thrill ride resulting in an explosion of audience enthusiasm.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 Tali conveyed a clear vision for the dramatic outline of this symphony, carefully pacing the darker, searching character of the music with pastoral conversations among voices in the orchestra.  

Written byThe Observer

 If you haven’t seen Tali yet, this will be a great introduction to the skyrocketing conductor who’s quickly becoming a household name around the world. You’ll see why we feel we’re lucky to have her here.  

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