21 April 2015

A Tribute to American Idols

Orchestra in the Outfield

May 9 at Ed Smith Stadium

American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado returns to her hometown to perform with the Orchestra. The concert closes with a rousing display of fireworks.
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Sarasota Music Festival

The Sarasota Music Festival

June 1 - 21, 2015

Pre-professional students and faculty artists from around the world converge on Sarasota for three weeks of coaching, master classes and performances.

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Featured Concert



April 23, 2015

Written to highlight Mozart's own skill as a violinist, his Violin Concerto No. 2 is exceedingly polished and elegant, a true standout among Mozart's early compositions.

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There's no doubt, audiences are thrilled by the Sarasota Orchestra's new music director, Anu Tali. She's brought an intense energy from the orchestra in previous performances and we found this yet again in a downright thrill ride of an encounter...

  • Herald Tribune Review

Anu Tali led members of the Sarasota Orchestra and a rapt audience into new artistic territory.

  • Herald Tribune Review

The Sarasota Orchestra and conductor Anu Tali presented a new level of achievement to the capacity audience, proving once again that the ensemble is headed to the top ranks of regional orchestras in this country.

  • Herald Tribune Review

Anu Tali, the new music director of the Sarasota Orchestra, is an international sensation who seems dazzled by Sarasota's treatment of her as a "rock star." In many ways, that's just what she is and, in her stunning musicianship, she's rocking our musical world.

  • The Observer Review

Literally gripping the arms of my seat, I was not the only one propelled on this rollercoaster of delightful music.

  • Herald Tribune Review

The Sarasota Orchestra played a program this past weekend filled with so much color, it was like visiting the Louvre.

  • The Observer Review

Every section and soloist within the orchestra played their role with strength and beauty; every tree proud and tall. Tali served as an excellent guide leading the forces with assured confidence. The overall sound was lush and, yes, intense just where it needed to be.

  • Herald Tribune Review

Andrew Lane, the Orchestra’s Principal Pops Conductor, knows how to program a winning event and this concert had something for everyone. It also brought in a whole new audience that seemed dazzled by the performances.

  • The Observer Review

The Sarasota Orchestra was brimming with bubbling energy...

  • Herald Tribune Review

If you haven’t seen Tali yet, this will be a great introduction to the skyrocketing conductor who’s quickly becoming a household name around the world. You’ll see why we feel we’re lucky to have her here.

  • The Observer Review

Tali conveyed a clear vision for the dramatic outline of this symphony, carefully pacing the darker, searching character of the music with pastoral conversations among voices in the orchestra.

  • Herald Tribune Review

A lifetime of musical moments, cinematic in scope, gave every section of the orchestra a leading role at one time or another. Chief among them was the virtuosic solo of concertmaster Daniel Jordan.

  • Herald Tribune Review

It was a thrill ride resulting in an explosion of audience enthusiasm.

  • Herald Tribune Review