Music Moves Us: Education Edition

Whether you're a beginner or a virtuoso, this is a place for your musicianship to grow. Explore interactive video tutorials and activities with Sarasota Orchestra musicians, faculty of the Sarasota Youth Orchestras, and leading community educators. What will you learn today about the music that moves you?

Week 3

Taming the Fear
Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Created by Chris Allen

This video aims to help students overcome performance anxiety by understanding its root causes. You’ll also learn several useful techniques that can help “tame the fear.”

The Alexander Technique

Created by Erin Huang

The Alexander Technique is a teaching tool that fosters mind-body awareness and retrains bad habits of movement and posture. The quality of our movement directly impacts our music-making experience.

Bucket Drumming

Created by Barbara Siffermann

Recruit a home percussion section to join in a bucket drumming play-along! This lesson focuses on steady beat, patterns of quarter and eighth notes, accent marks, drum rolls, and A-B-C musical form.

How to Build a Performing Career

Created by Calvin Falwell

Calvin Falwell, clarinetist for Sarasota Orchestra, draws on personal and professional experience to give a comprehensive guide to freelancing as a way to forge a career in music performance.

Let's Hear Your Song Maker Creations!

Our community is bursting with composers and music-makers, and we have the creations to prove it. See and hear some of the projects that came out of our first lesson of the Education Edition.

Week 2

Guide to Learning New Music

Created by Celia Sperotto

What's the best way to start learning a new piece of music? Learn how to set yourself up for success, warm up for the dive in, break a big project into easy chunks, and keep going if the going gets tough.

The Art of Practicing and Developing Your Own Practice Routine

Created by Natalie Helm

Natalie Helm, Sarasota Orchestra's Principal Cellist, guides you through useful practice techniques to achieve quality over quantity with your independent rehearsal time. Unlock the routine that works for you!

Rhythm Ball

Created by Christy Isaacs

Want to try a fun, new way to learn rhythms? Bounce your way to understanding and feeling rhythms and rhythmic durations in this 16-minute activity. The most important rule of Rhythm Ball: Let loose and have a great time!

Being a String
Playing in Ensembles

Created by Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan, Sarasota Orchestra's Concertmaster, shares tips for success in a string section, from preparing for rehearsals to putting your best foot (or fingers?) forward during them.

How to Prepare for an Audition

Created by Steven Osborne

Sarasota Orchestra's trombonist Steven Osborne shares 10 tips and tricks that demystify the audition process. Discover outside-the-box preparation tactics and a mindset that promotes peak confidence on the big day.

Week 1

Making Beautiful Music on the Violin

Created by Margot Zarzycka

Sarasota Orchestra violinist Margot Zarzycka demonstrates proper posture, instrument position, and techniques for creating expressive phrases with the violin using excellent tone and vibrato.

Daily Dose of Scales

Created by Rachel Halvorson

Join Rachel Halvorson in an exploration of scales. Beginners and more advanced players alike will learn how to use scales as a tool to get better at playing your instrument. 

What's Up With Scales?

Created by Laura Stephenson Petty

Laura Stephenson Petty explains scales, why musicians need to learn them, how you can learn them, and then how to expand on this new knowledge to grow and build your technical ability.  

Methods to Improve Sight-Reading

Created by Keely Werly

Reading a piece of music you’ve never seen before is tough, especially in an audition setting. Learn how to prepare for sight-reading in advance and discover strategies that ensure sight-reading goes smoothly in the moment.

Building Habits and Moving Closer to Success

Created by Sue Heinz and Amber Svetik

Learn about WOOP, a science-backed method that can help you attain your goals and build new, positive habits that last. Today’s lesson also reframes mistakes as building blocks to success.

Elements of Music in Song Maker

Created by Zadda Bazzy

Learn how to manipulate the elements of music with a free music website accessible from your computer or personal device. Send us your compositions for a chance to feature your work at the end of our Education Edition video series!

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