2020-2021 Season Sponsors

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Gold Baton 

Betty-Jean and David Bavar
In loving memory of Harriet Bernbaum
Debutante Program of Sarasota and Manatee Counties
Mike and Ellen Esposito
Karol Foss
David and Linda Green
Bette and Arn Hoffman
Sherry and Thomas Koski
Ernie Kretzmer in loving memory of Alisa Kretzmer
Audrey Robbins and Harry Leopold
Max Eisenbarth Trust
The William P. McGrath Fund At Manatee Community Foundation
Skip and Gail Sack
Jack and Priscilla Schlegel
Paul and Sharon Steinwachs
Lois Stulberg
Kim Morey Wheeler
Charles O. Wood, III and Miriam M. Wood Foundation
Ronald and Geri Yonover Foundation


Madolyn and Glenn Dallas
Anne and Robert Essner
Cynthia Guiles in loving memory of Jeremy Guiles
Dr. Deborah Hamm in loving memory of Hillel Bennett
Angele Christine and William M. Isaac
Dr. and Mrs. K.D. Lee
Dick and Leslie Rivera
Tom and Meg Ryan
Estate of Beatrice S. Schafer
Toby and Noel Siegel
Estate of DJ Smyth
Susan and Zuheir Sofia
David and Pamela Steves


Peggy Allen and Steven Dixon
James And Maryann Armour Family Foundation
Robert and Beverly Bartner
Barbara Brizdle
Jack Buhsmer
Georgia Court
Barbara Cruikshank
Donna Cubit-Swoyer
Neil and Sandra DeFeo
Howard C. Eteson Memorial Fund
Alex J and Toby Etkin Philanthropic Fund
Jan and Bill Farber
Shirley Fein
Herman and Sharon Frankel
Stephen Fillo and Jane C. Gould
Marilyn and James Heskett
Deborah Hirschey in loving memory of Lee Hirschey
Charlie L. Huisking, III - Husiking Foundation
Kathy and Gene Jongsma
In loving memory of Stanley and Janet Kane
Dr. Sidney Katz and Mrs. Elaine Keating
Jerry Kohl
Ms. Ruth B. Kreindler
Peter E. Kretzmer
Lydia Landa
Kate and Rick Lannamann
Jill and Scott Levine
Joan Lieberman
Howard and Alison Madsen
Joan J. Mathews, In Memory of Philip B. Dobrin, MD PhD
Cornelia and J. Richard Matson
Lawrence W. Milas in loving memory of Margie Milas
Barbara Pekow
Charlotte and Charles Perret
Patt Potter
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rauch, III
Faith and Bill Reynolds
Billy Robinson
Margot and Jack Robinson
Susan Robinson
Judy Rudges and Dr. Stanley Katz
Caroline and Tim Ryan
Sylvia and Norman Samet
Sarasota Orchestra Friends
Laurence Saslaw
Jan Schmidt
Jeff Sebeika
Carol B. Siegler in Loving Memory of Morton Siegler
Carolynne C. Smith
Hobart and Janis Swan
Sandy Ullman
Anne Virag
Tom and Gwen Watson
Kurt and Marlene Wilkening
Edie Winston in loving memory of Herb Winston
Doug and Sally Wright

Orchestra Circle 

Kay Aidlin in loving memory of Stephen Aidlin
In loving memory of Edward Alley and June LeBell Alley
George F. Allison and J. Alan Watkins
Anonymous (4)
Mr. Henry F. Anthony and Ms. Carol R. Geiger
Henry Anthony and Carol Geiger
Jeanne and Ken Asakura
Dr. and Mrs. G. Richard Baise
F. Dale and Linda G. Bengtson
Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation
Cookie Boudreaux, Mark Kamin & Associates
Murray Bring and Kay Delaney Bring
Judy Cahn
Cheryl Ceppos
Philip and Suzanne Conover
Robert and Gail Davies
Molly Dooher and Henry Kahwaty
Beverly B. Fisher
William C. and Joyce K. Fletcher
Bill Forester
Helen Glaser in loving memory of Len Glaser
Ruth Gorton
Debbie and Larry Haspel
Maureen and Jack Higgins
In memory of John A. Isaacs, III
Patricia and Thomas Jeffs
Anne and Bob Jones
Marilyn K. Kucharski
Diana Lager
Joan and Dr. Bart Levenson
Melvy Erman Lewis, in loving memory of Milford T. Lewis
Edward and Susan Maier
Dede and Joe Mallof
Judith and Irwin Parmet
Gini and Stu Peltz
Sharon and Bob Reitsch
Flori Roberts
Esther Rose in loving memory of Rabbi Herbert Rose
Sam Samelson in loving memory of Susan Samelson
Maxine and Elliott Schiffman
Anne and Alex Scott
Beth Ann Segal
Micki Sellman
Barbara and Al Siemer
Bunny Skirboll in loving memory of Mort Skirboll
In memory of Justine Sprenger
Patricia and Avery Stone
Curtis R. and Melliss K. Swenson
The Sylarn Foundation in memory of Sylvia Cohodas
Bunny Tabatznik
Mary Louise and John Toal
Virginia West
Fremajane Wolfson in loving memory of Blair Wolfson
Jean and E. S. "Chip" Wood
Sheila and Merrill Wynne

Maestro Circle 

Jerry and Sue Ellen Addicott
Mira Akins
Charles Albers and Julie Planck
Anonymous (2)
Nancy Arbuckle
Marcia and Bob Baarson
Jeff Bain and Anat Moskowitz
Howard Baker and Sharon Weinstock
William Baxter
Stephen and Jill Bell
Tom & Karen Bernstein
Jerry and Helga Bilik
Barbara Blackburn
Barbara W. Blumfield
Jon and Donna Boscia
Sally Brown
Carol B. Camiener
Vivian and Michael Chester
Charles Closser
Dr. Jay N. and Syma C. Cohn
Alexsandra Coles
Margot and Warren Coville
Estate of Vivian T. Dauber
Ane-Grethe and Rory Delaney
Sam Digiammarino and Brenda Lee
Shan and Thomas DiNapoli
Robert and Laurel Dove
Bernard Friedland in memory of Shirley Friedland
Patricia and Edmund Garno
Jeanne Hamil
The Hamilton Foundation: Charles and Carol Hamilton
Fred W. Hicks III
Jack and Lenora Jost
Patty and Richard Kiegler
Linda Klein
Janet and Fred Leonberger
Christopher and Margo Light
Judith Marquis and Keith Nelson
Geraldine Mattson
Lana McDonald
Ora and Joseph Mendels
Susan and Kenneth Newmark
David and Fran Nitschke
Dr. Natalie Norton
Lory Nurenberg, Frank Hall and Carlyn Kessler
Marshall Nurenberg in memory of Joanne Klein
Steven Nurenberg and Dianne Stevens
Sanford Orkin
Lorelei A. Paster
Robin Radin
Mr. Martin D. Rich
Nathan and Bonnie Richards
Donna T. Rourke
Phyllis and Sam Rubinovitz
Clare and Rich Segall
Dr. and Mrs. Ira J. Singer
Richard and Nancy Sneed
Carolyn and Ron Vioni
James Jurick and Karen Wehner
Jean Weiller
Douglas and Marianne Weiss
Edward and Mary Lou Winnick
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Yakes

Musician Circle 

Noreen & Richard Ackerman
R M Amato
Anonymous (8)
Pat and Bob Baer
Jane Baisley
Ron Banyay
Isabel Becker
Estate of Everett Behrendt
Donald S. Blair
B. Aline Blanchard and Arthur Siciliano
Judy and Jack Bloch
Mrs. Irma Blumenthal
Mary Ann Bonelli
Karen Booth
Jenne Britell
Julie Brown and Zachary Morowitz
Larry and Beverly Brown
Van and Joyce Carlisle
John and Lorna Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio G. Collado
Neal Colton and Sharon Prizant
Tessa and Glenn Cooper
Marcia and Michael Corrigan
Bill Coughlin
Ms. Margaret T. D'Albert
Whit and Cathy Daily
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Deckard
Ray Deming
John and Carole Dorsey
John and Patricia Dupps
George and Patricia Hope Edmonds
Kathryn and Lee Edstrom
Leon and Margaret Ellin
Susan and Bob Ellis
Douglas W. Endicott
Ron and Sharon Erickson
Candice Ermer
Joel and Marcia Faber - Faber Future Foundation
Christa and Frank Fineshriber
Aaron Fink and Vicki Porter-Fink
Nancy and Peter Finn
Billy and Dorothy Firestone
Ms. Josephine E. Franz and Mr. Russell A. Gill
Ilene Friedman and Greg Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fritsch
Peter and Nancy Gaess
Elizabeth and Lawrence Gallick
Ann and Larry Garberding
Dorothy B. Garner
Wanda Garofalo
Theodore and Joan Geier
Barbara Geldbart in loving memory of Jack Geldbart
Julia and Steven Goldberg
Drs. Betsy and James Granite
Barcy Grauer
Anne Marie and Marvin Greene
Stephen and Polly Greene
David and Margaret Grohne
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Grubb, Jr.
Dr. Barbara A. Hajjar
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Hamovit
Barbara and Julian Hansen
Ms. Lorna E. Hard
Janet Harrison Hinch
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Holmes
Susan and James Hoy
Gisela and Benjamin Huberman
The Jelks Family Foundation
Barbara and Dale Jensen
Betsy Johnson
Freida and Raymond Johnson
William and Elizabeth Johnston
Patricia Kabool
Paul and Sarah Karon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kimbrough
Frank Kistler
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kleinschmidt
Kenneth and Victoria Kolbe
Eve R. Kommel
Andrew Kotsatos and Heather Parsons
Sandra Van Langen
Bryan and Sylva Langton
Cathy Layton
Arthur and Marcella Levin
Nessa and Richard Levine
Kris and Jan Loeber
Pat and Cameron Lombard
Barbara J. Lorry PhD
Mary Lou Loughlin and Bob Ploussard
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Lowenstein
Vincent P Lubrano
Rosemary Albano Mazzanti, M.D.
Ellyn A. McGolgan
Mary Alice McGovern
Hannah and Jack Michelson
Marie Monsky in Loving Memory of J. Donald Monsky
Pamela R. Moore, M.D.
Paul and Dawn Mowery
Sharyn and Richard Nassau
Mr. and Mrs. William O'Toole
Kathleen Osborne and Daniel Idzik
Rosalie and Charles Peirce
Jay Plager and Lynne Pettigrew
Linda Prowten and Bert Mitchell
Judy and Caren Reed
Sandra Rifkin and Michael Mesirov
Daniel Rose and Beverly Harms
Holly and David Ross
Stan and Jo Rutstein
Bob and Barb Schaal
Betty Schattschneider
James and Kathleen Scholler
Winnie Schulman
John and Carole Segal
John Simon and Mary Anne Servian
Anne and Frank Folsom Smith
Carolynne Smith and Barbara Cruikshank Household
Mike and Katie Smith
Rebecca St. Pierre
Barbara Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stauffer
Maureen and Thomas Steiner
Robert and Ruth Stoppert
Hadassah and Martin Strobel
Barbara J. Struth
Tom and Trish Sugalski
Scott Swan
Mike and Madelyn Tetmeyer
G. Richard and Elizabeth Thompson
Ky Thompson and Margaret Melun
Sallie Carter Tyler
Dr. David Van Ess and Dr. Diane Gallo-Van Ess
Jim and Shirley Waddell
Ann Weingartner
Edris Weis
Arthur Weldon
Mr. and Mrs. David J. West
Robert and Barbara Wetzel
Joan and Jerry Wexler
Jeanne and Norman Winston
Archer and Karen Wright
Ann and Frederick Wurlitzer


Margaret and Ken Abt
Jean F. Adelson
Carolyn Albrecht
Polly Allen
Charles Angulo and Kathleen Fisher
Anonymous (11)
Atsushi and Maasa Arai
John and Stephanie Averyt
Lois and James Bartis
Sal and Judith Barzilay
Larry and Martha Bellos
Dale Berkebile and DonnaBelle Talty
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bowman
Mrs. Betty Brudnick
Don and MaryAnne Bruno
William and Debra Buttaggi
Mrs. Colette R. Canavan
William R and Andrea Velletri Clarkson
Dale Horwitz Clayton
Janine and Douglas Cohen
Jan and Larry Coleman
Lee Conklin
Cornelia L. Cook
Charlie Denman
Helen Dennis
Murray Duffin
Marian Erwin
Fred and Jo Falkner
Frances D. Fergusson and John Bradbury
John J. and Ruth Fernstrom
Gerald Fickenscher and Wendy Babb
Scott and Lorraine Findlay
Alice Fishman and Michael DiPietro
Ms. Sondra Fishman
Rosalie and James Fitzgibbons
Jerome and Judy Fleischer
Joyce and Jerry Fox
Rose-Anne and Chris Frano
Barbara D. Frey
Alex and Eija Friedlander
Ann R. Friedman
Karen S and John R Fulton III
Thomas and Darlene Furst
Rukmini and K.P. Ganeshappa
Anne and Cope Garrett
Carol Gilbert and Matty Matheson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Glenn
David and Bonnie Goldmann
Mrs. Grace M. Goldstein
Patricia Golemme
Roslyn and Neil Gorchow
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Graven
Carol and Jules Green
Dr. Charles and Carolyn Greenberg
Mrs. Cynthia Griffith
Martie and Mike Groff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Haft
Pamela Hahlbeck
Bernard and Sandra Hahnke
Annette and Deon Haney
Robert and Claudene Harkins
Nancy and John Harris
Rita M. Hebel
Katherine Henricks
Betty and John Herr
Ann Hogg
Rhea and Palmer Hughes
Robert and Marie Hunter
Terry Hynes
S & J Schwartz Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo
Suzanne and Oliver Janney
Benjamin and Laura Joella
Susan K. Johnson
Sandra Kamin
Irene and Mark Kauffman
Drs. Thomas F. & Jacqueline F. Kelly
Ann and Patrick Kenny
Charles and Janet Kiblinger
Bruce Kurtz
John and Fran LaCivita
Mr. and Mrs. Brock Leach
Sandra and Louis Levy
Jim and Gale Lew
Evie and Allen Lichter
Judith M. Liersch and Allen L. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance L. Lindemann
Lori and David Liner
Sheila Lirtzman
Andrew Littauer
John and Sandra Long
Stephanie Louis
John and Judy Lynch
Stephen MacDonald and Priscilla Derven
Lois and Martin Marcus
James L. and Ellen Palmer Marsey
Albert and Marita Marsh
Eric Martin and Madelint Heydendael
Lamar and Janet Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Mayerhofer
Kay and Michael McCarthy
Margene and Ron McCollough
Cliff and Brooke McDerment
Wilda Q. Meier
Elliott Metcalfe, Jr. and Becky A. Titus
Ms. Kris Meyers
Kim and Patrick Nettles
Jon O. Newman and Ann Z. Leventhal
Tom and Dee O'Brien
Keith and Teresa O'Neill
Warren O'Neill
Katherine Oarr
Mary Ann and Peter Pearson
Barbara Peterson
Dennis and Carol Picard
Frank and Joanne Pollack
Patricia and David Porter
Dick and Margaret Prinstein
Mark Pritchett
C. Louis Putallaz
Henri and Marilyn Quintal
W. Lawrence Ream
Susan Richardson
John and Terry Rixse
Jerry and Joanne Robertson
Ken and Dena Rose
Robert Rowe and Helen Dennis
Sandy Charitable Funds of Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Cheryl Scheid
Ed Schreiber
Sharon A. Schreiber
Sally Seeger
Daniel L. Sexton
Patti and Jim Sherry
Jeffrey and Barbara Shivers
Chuck and Chris Shivery
David and Barbara Smith
Henry Albert Smith III
Phil and Trude Smith
Roberta F. Somach
Sally Souder
Jean & Bill Spaeth
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Spoor
Mr. and Mrs. Franz A. Sprenger
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Stambler
Hugh Steele
Alfred Stiscia
Mrs. Suzanne F. Stoltzner
Joan Suddarth
Jane Summerville
Lesley Svenson
Bill and Rebecca Tompkins
Ronald Toshner
Karen and Tom Vartanian
Karen Vereb
Robert Vigder
Mr. and Mrs. W. Danforth Walker
Julie L. Whitney and Peter S. Price
Cathy A. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wolfe
Dr. Pauline Wood and Wesley Spencer
Frances F. Wurlitzer
Sora Yelin in memory of Cary F. Yelin
Anne Young


Julia Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Aberson
Dr. and Mrs. Berel L. Abrams
Sheri Abramson
Priya Acharya
Cecile Adams
Jack and Carol Adornetto
Pamela Akins and Barry Levinson
Jane Albaum
Janette S. Albrecht
Kimberly Albright and J. Michael Dow
Mary Alexander
Edward Allen and Lorraine Gawronski
JoAnn Allen
Robert and Grace Allen
Janet and George Allgair
John and Polly Allyn
Barbra and Peter Alter
Lois Altman and William Lakin
Nancy Chang Amberson
J.L. Anderburg
Ed Andershock
Georgia and Donald Anderson
Dolores L. Andrew
Vikki Andrew-Davis
Betty G. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Andrus
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Anthony, Jr.
Stan and Edith Applegate
Ronni & Shelly Aptekar
Nicholas Arbolino
Ms. Claire Arbour
J. Allison Archbold & Hugh Bettendorf
Renee and Jerry Armbruster
Alexandra Armstrong and Jerry McCoy
Earleen M. Ashbrook
Marilyn Ashkin and Paul Roth
Shari and Stephen Ashman
William G. Asp
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Axelrod
Drs. Charles and Barbara Axton
Denise and John Ayre
Violet Bailin
Donald and Cathy Baillie
Leila Baker
Lucinda and Leonard Balistreri
Bruce and Eleanor Ballard
Ed and Judy Balmer
Ed and Pam Baran
John and Kathy Baran
Denise Barker
George and Frances Barletta
Gilbert and Carleen Barnett
Leroy and Cassandra Barnidge
Jesse and Lisa Barnum
Barbara and James Barrett
Lois Barson
Barbara and William Barstow
Ellyn M. Batko
Donald Norman Baum
Audrey Bayer
Nancy and Marc Bazilian
Anne and Don Beane
Mark Bebernitz and Cynthia Flynn
James Beck Sr
Ruth and Jerry Beck
Maxine Becker
Ted and Judith Beilman
Joseph Bell Jr and Ellen Bell
Richard Benedum and Julane Rodgers
Professional Benefits
Herb and Rhoda Beningson
Adrian Bennett
Dee and Mike Bennett
Jim Bennett
Nancy Meeuwsen Bennett
Robert and Lynne Bennett
Patricia Benson
Stan and Donna Ber
Emil and Alice Beran
Gail Berenson
Skip and Debbie Berg
Donna Bergman
Liese Lee Berkowitz
Carol and Gerald Bernasconi
Barbara Bernstein
Barbara Bernstein in loving memory of A. Thomas Bernstein
Dennis and Francie Beville
N. Paxcia-Bibbins
Marjo Biddinger
Joan Binkow
Schoen Bishop
Lydia Black and Bob Steinhauser
Margery and Neil Blacklow
James and Rose Marie Blaha
Julie and Christopher Blank
Marilyn and Paul Blankman
Marilyn S. Blausten
Lucia Blinn
Dr. Crain Bliwas and Maggie Bliwas
Norman and Elaine Blum
Myrna and John Blume
Harvey Bocian
Audie Bock
Robert F. Bole, Jr.
V. Stewart and Judith Bolognese
Michael and Betsy Bommer
Mark and Patricia Bonavia
Arlene and Barry Borden
Gerry and Linda Borod
Jerry & Gay Bowles
Rit & Joan Boyce
Gay H. Boylston
Robert Bradbury
James and June Brady
S. and Saul Bralow
Joan Brandow
Ruth A. Brandwein, PhD
David and Chris Brenner
Malcolm and Beverly Brenner
Dr. and Mrs. William Brian
Jerrine Brinker
Doris R. Brodeur
Lauren Brodsky and Josh Mellits
Dr. and Mrs. F.R. Brofazi
Ruthann Bromley and Stan Nikkel
George and Susan Brooks
Ilene Brotman
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Brown
Petie Brown and Eelco Dijkstra
Robert and Linda Brucksieker
Bonnie and Michael Brunett
Gregory and Jo Ann Bruno
Mark and Ruth Brus
Ellen and Vin Buccellato
Lori Bukoski and Edward Dunne
Sharon Burde
John and Denise Burgess
Frank and Kathleen Burke
Sharon Burke
Stephen Burnett
Rebecca Burns
Dr. Burton and Estelle Silbert
Elizabeth Lou Burton
A. Scott Bushey
Joy K. Busler
Dave and Elaine Bustard
Joan Butcher
Jon and Chris Butcher
Ms. Mary M. Butler
Rosemarie Cadwell
John and Charlotte Calhoun
Sue Camins
Sara and Joe Campbell
Barbara Campo
John and Audry Canarina
Marilou Cannici
Jayne Cantwell
George and Susan Cargill
Don and Mary Carlson
Nancy Carlton and William Bamberg
Judy Carnal
James Carter
Mr. Albert Cenci and Ms. Cynthia Salomone
Robert and Mary Anne Chaffet
Edie and David Chaifetz
Richard Chais and Lenore Redler
Carol L. Chance
Mall Chaney
Alain Charise
Diane C. Chechik-Temple
Ms. Barbara J. Chin
Bonnie and Michael Chisling
Sun Cho
Mr. and Mrs. George Chorba
Dr. and Mrs. Octavio Choy
Ed and Judy Christian
Jim and Pat Christiansen
Susan Christy
Linda and Tony Ciliberti
Bill and Sue Citara
Sue Clack
Temple St. Clair
Michael A.C. Clark
Patricia Clark
Carol Clarke
Pattie B. Clendenin
Jim Cliff
Barbara Cohen
David Cohen and Mary Volk
Steven and Arlene Cohen
Sylvia D. Cohen
Martin D. Cohn
Kenneth M. Cole III and Anne Ireland
Mary Jane and Frederick Colen
Nina G. Collins
Phyllis Collins
Taylor Tollerton Collins
Lyn and Peter Conway
Susan and Phil Cook
Catherine Cooper and Marshall Greenwald
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Cooper
Evelyn and Glenn Cooper
Elliott and Dana Corn
Jim and Kim Corrigan
Patricia Dal Cortivo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Costello
William and Linda Cotter
Kristine Cottrill
Katharine Couchot
Marilyn Counen
Edwin and Carolyn Cox
Linda Cramer
Bruce B. Crawford
Dr. Fiona Crawford
Helene Crawford
Jerry Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crootof
David and Ann Cruikshank
Elizabeth Cucchiaro
Patti Lee and Wayne Curtis
Dr. William Cutler
Robert Cutler
Joe Cyr
Robert and Julia Dadekian
Dr. Robert Daines
James and Wendy Damoulakis
Carolyn and Russell Daniel
William Daniel
Charles and Paula Davenport
Mrs. David Davenport
Ellie Davidson
John B. Davis
James and Leila Day
Carolyn T. De Loe
Robert and Amy Deak
Jane Dean
Elizabeth Deane
Ailsa and Bill Deitemeyer
Daniel DeLeo
The Deline Charitable Foundation
Kay Ticen and Janet Delp
Donald and Murva Deneen
R. George Devries
Kathy and Philip Dierstein
Jeff and Barbara Doll
Fay K. Donaldson
Michael Donaldson and Elida Ramberger
Barbara Donnelly
Martin and Barbara Donner
Dr. Robert Downie and Patricia Bourke
James Doyle
Judy Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dreher
Charles and Pauline Dulany
Valentin Dulay
Dr. Fran DuRocher and Ms. Sigrid Moser
Richard Dutton
Brian and Victoria Eckl
Martin and Carol Edelman
Dr. Philip and Barbara Edlin
John and Mary Edwards
Holly Ehrens
Gary and Barbara Eisenberg
Marsha and Harry Eisenberg
Gerald P. and Beathe Elden
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eliasberg, Jr.
Paul and Phyllis Elson
Jean W. Emery
Bruce Ensinger and Clark Denham
Freeman and Jane Epes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Erceg
Mildred R. Ericson
Marc Erwin and David Wright
Irene Estler
Dr. Craig Evans
Nancy and Thomas Evanson
Eleanor Faber
Mary Ann Fair
Betty Fanz
Colleen Farrell
Jean and Gregory Farrington
Bill and Julie Feeley
Michael and Marilyn Feldman
Pamela Fendt
Rita Fenichel
Suzanne Fensterwald
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ferrucci
Marty and Sherman Finger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finger
Robert Finger
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Fink
Sandy Fink
June E. Fiorelli
Louise Flansburgh
Ann H. Fletcher
Rudi Floyd
Christine Groth Folsom
Dolores Forsyth
Elizabeth and Ben Forsyth
Wally and Mary Sue Fortner
Carole and Mickey Fox
Herbert Fox and Janet Zinner
Laurel and Gregory Franchini
Andrea Frank
John and Kathleen Frank
Lawrence and Pamela Frankel
Ralph C. Franklin
Jean and Michael Freed
Leda Freedman Fund
Edwin and Patricia French
Martin Fried
Mrs. Katarina Fried
Anne Friedland
Ina M. Friedman
Mrs. Lois Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. William Fry
Sandy and Bud Fulkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gainsley
Paul and Patricia Galioto
Kathleen Gallison
Louis and Margaret Gallucci
Peter and Barbara Galvin
Edith Gardner
Phyllis Garlick
Betty and George Garver
Margaret Gat
Edmee Geis
Patty and Robert Gelfman
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Toby Geller
Everett and Mary Gendler
Bernard and Carol Gerber
Sherman and Miriam Gerber
Leslie and Charles Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Germain
Eileen Gilbert
Mike Girouard
Dr. George F. Gitlitz
Mrs. Otto Glasser
Patricia Glasser
Michele Glazer and Norman Powers
Susan K. Gleeksman
Rita and Paul Glosser
Drs. Bill Ziter and Cathy Gogan
Robert and Janet Gold
Bob and Kathy Goldberg
Grace Goldberg
Joan and Sanford Goldberg
Mrs. Paul Goldberg
Roz Goldberg and Alan Bandler
Marvin and Phyllis Goldblatt
David and Dale Goldheim
Allen and Jo Goldis
Sandy and Jim Goldman
Steve and Jane Goldner
Mike and Becky Goodman
Suzanne and Robert Goodman
Paul G. Goodwin and Joann Forney
Robert Goree
Joel and Marcia Gorick
Dr. Samuel Gotoff
Tony and Ann Gowgiel
Marietta and Joseph Graber
Robert Graham
Stephen Graves
Ann T. Gray
Karen Greco
Greta and Melvin Green
Robin Green and Jay Greenblatt
Eric & Phyllis Greenberg
Paul Greenberg and Renee Goldberg
Sharon Greene
Gordon and Kathleen Greenfield
Ric and Gina Gregoria
Linda Greig
Paula and Douglas Griffin
Dr. James J. Griffith
Esta Grocer
Jo Ellen Grossman
Werner and Karen Gundersheimer
Helen Habbert
Hugo Hahn and Anneliese Mielcarek
Felicia and Andrew Hall
Gail Hall
Joan Halpern
Susan and Harold Halpern
John Halstead
Jerry and Debby Hamburg
Susan T. Hamer
Eileen and John Hampshire
Judith and Benjamin Handelman
Jane and Steve Handley
Tarry and Jim Harbilas
Tracy Harbilas and Liz Greco
Eleanor and Garth Harding
Julie and Barry Harris
Robert Harris
Mrs. Linda Harrison
Dr. Carole and Diane Hart-Tufaro
Stephen and Jean Hartle
Jenay Harvey
Kathryn J. Harvey
Doris Hasson
Robin H. Hatch
William Hatz
Rolland and De Ette Hayenga
Maryanne and Ray Hazen
Richard and Andrea Hearn
Irene and Larry Hedden
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heller
Jane Hellinghausen
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad F. Hellwege
Bob & Debbie Hendel
Peter Hennings
Sharon Herrick
Ruth Herrman
Alan and Joyce Hersh
Lauren and Brian Hersh
George and June Hertenstein
Claire E. Herzog
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Heslop
Robert T. Hildebrand
LT. Gen. Jerome Hilmes
Elliott Himelfarb and Janet Minker
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hirsch
Ronnie and Jerry Hirsch
Carol Hirschburg
Stephanie and Allen Hochfelder
Ms. Melitta Hoenle
Paul Hoertz
Luise Hoffman
Cathy and Bill Hohlstein
Mr. Jack Holdstein
Jane Hoover
John and Linda Hopkins
Kathleen and Ivan Horne
Kathy and Moshe Horowitz
Jerry Anderson and Betty Howell
Bertram Huberman and Ruth Castleman
Harriette and Philip Humphreys
Herb Hurwitz and Judith Feldman
Mary Ann Iacovazzi
John Irwin and Susan McGivern
Sandra and Charles Isaacs
Diane Jacobitti
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jacobs
Greg and Brenda Jameson
Stephen and Rebecca Jarolin
Drs. Jack and Paula Jawitz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jennings
Bette Johnson
Nelson O. Johnson
Thor and Blanche Johnson
Ann Jones
Dr. Gilbert Friend-Jones
Dr. William LaRue Jones and Susan Sondrol Jones
Floyd and Mary Juday
Leslie Judy
Barbara Lynn Justiz
Marvin Kadesh
Martha and Jeffrey Kahane
Thekla Kahn
Kathleen Kalb
Bruce Kalt
Norris and Doris Sue Kantor
Barney Kaplan
Lorraine Kaplan
Janet and Michael Kapostasy
Fay Kardon
Allen and Rhoda Katz
Roger and Kristin Kaufman
Joan Bradbury Kayser
Dr. Richard Keesey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kellett
Eloise Kelly
Marjorie Kelly
Adam and Judith Bachmeier Kendall
Allan Kersten and Rhoda Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kesten
Daniel Kilbride
Suzanne Kinder
Gary and Linda Kindsfather
Betty Love King
James and Angela King
Rev. Frank Kirlangitis and Maria Kirlangitis
Marlene M. Kitchell
Terri and Michael Klauber
Barry and Cecile Klayton
Ron and Arlene Klein
Carole Kleinberg
Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. Kline
Barbara Knode
Rick and Carolyn Koch
Ronald and Elizabeth Koepsel
Frederick and Muriel Kolk
Peggy and Loren Kolpin
Peter and Marlene Koshgarian
Lisa Koslow
Marvin Kowalewski, PhD, and Jayne Dietsch
Larry and Clarissa Kramer
Harriette and Mike Krasnoff
Rosemary Krimbel
Phil and Judy Kuebbeler
Thomas Kueny and Sally Johnson
Joseph and Elaine Kulbako
Barbara B. Kupferberg
Stephen and Gina Kutikoff
Stanley and Marcia Kwasiborski
Sandra Laas
Vincent and Joan LaBash
Barbara and Hal Laeger
AG Lafley
Mary LaFollette in memory of William A. LaFollette
Patricia Lail
Joseph and Denise Lamb
Pat and Paul Lamont
Mrs. Harriet Lane
Lisa and David Langhout
David Lapovsky
Fred and Phyllis Lasky
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Lauria
Jerry and Jan Lazar
Susan Lebedevitch
Evan Lebson
Betty Lederman
Donna and Thomas Lee
Marcelo Lehninger
Donald and Jeanne Leonard
David and Liz Leone
Bridget Lepley
Mrs. Paula Lerer
Joseph and Carolyn Leshyn
Arline Popper Leven
Donna Levi
Gail Levin
Helene and Neil Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Levin
Gloria Levine
Marion Levine
Henrietta Lee Levins
Ursula Levy
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Lewis
Richard and Rosalie Lewis
Rae Lichtenstein
Richard and Alice Lichtenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lieb
Marje Lieberman and Sam Seager
Eunice Lieberstein
Mrs. Rebecca Lieberwitz
Diane S. Lincove
David and Susan Lindemer
Tore and Margit Lindgren
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Lindsay
John Lindsey
Dr. Rodney and Terrie Linford
Richard and Geraldine Lipov
Dona Lippert
Sara Little and Barbara Shaver
Barry and Mary Livingston
Phyllis Loewengart
Thomas Scott Long
Barbara A. Longenecker
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lorenz
Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Losee
Patricia Loughan
Wen Qiang John Lu
Gerry and Sheri Lublin
Steven and Gail Ludmerer
Mrs. Anella Luongo
Roz Lurie
Elliott Lyon
Carol Lyons
Carolyn Lyons
Margaret Lynne MacAdam
Kim Macaulay
Richard and Monica Macek
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Mackman
Carol MacLennan
Karl and Anne Maggard
Caryl Magnus
Joyce Mailhouse
Ronda L. Manasse
Ed Mandell
Jim Manson
Daniel Mar
Tom and Yvonne Mar
Richard March
William and Audrey Marcus
Linda and Peter Marion
John W. Markham
Thomas Marko
Cathy J. Markowitz
Arthur and Judith Marks
Sandra Marks
Donald Markstein
Lou and Carolou Marquet
Maureen Marsden
Anne Marshall
Debby and Dick Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Martin
Robert K. Martin
Roseanne and Louis Martorella
Henry and Ellen Mason
Don Mateer
Michael and Joyce Matthews
Elaine & Joseph May
Gerry and Don Mayew
Regina McArdle
Nancy and John McAward
Sue McConnell
Jane McCormack
Ryan and Wendy McFadden
Henry McFarland
Clara McGonigle
Helen E. McGowan
Maureen McGowan
Robert McGriff and Vicki Pegg
Mike and Jan McHugh
Joy McIntyre
Ms. Leanne McKaig
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. McKenna
Dianne McLoughlin
Michael and Patricia McNally
Mrs. Robert McPherson
Bev Meadows and Garo Partoyan
Theodore Medrek
Ruth Paley Mendelevitz
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Menefee
David E and Linda F Menicheschi
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Menson
Retta and Jeff Meser
Margrit Messenheimer
John and Nancy Martin Meyers
Peggy Micciche
Bert Mille