Striking Strings

Chamber Soirée 7

Sarasota String Quartet

March 8, 2018

Thursday | 5:30 pm | Holley Hall

March 11, 2018

Sunday | 4:00 pm | Holley Hall

Tickets from $35 | Holley Hall Seat Layout

Bartók's final string quartet is a curious and powerful work, ranging from playfulness to melancholy. As the music succumbs to the impending end, it transforms into something majestic in its resignation. Schumann's String Quartet No. 3 features a Clara motif, as he wrote it during his first marital crisis, a domestic issue with a modern ring to it. A two-career family, Schumann struggled with the fame of his wife Clara, a renowned pianist of the day. Typical for Schumann, the finale sweeps away all that has gone before in a surge of energy with a grand conclusion.


String Quartet No. 6
String Quartet No. 3


Paul and Sharon Steinwachs

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