Musical Mélange

Chamber Soirées
September 12, 2019Thursday | 5:30 pm | Holley Hall

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EWALD    Brass Quintet No 1 in B-flat Minor, Op. 5

Anthony Limoncelli, trumpet; Daniel Kassteen, trumpet; Larry Solowey, horn; Brad Williams, trombone; Aaron Tindall, tuba


Jonathan Gentry, oboe; Fernando Traba, bassoon; Jonathan Spivey, piano

BAX    Elegaic Trio

Betsy Traba, flute; Michael McClelland, viola; Julia Coronelli, harp

BEETHOVEN    Sextet in E-flat Major, Op. 81b

Joshua Horne, horn; Priscilla Rhinehart, horn; Daniel Jordan, violin; Christopher Takeda, violin; Rachel Halvorson, viola; Natalie Helm, cello

The 2019/2020 Chamber Soirée season kicks off with a wide ranging program offering something for every listener. The Sarasota Brass Quintet provides a festive opening with Russian composer Victor Ewald’s Brass Quintet No. 1, perhaps the most beloved of all the Romantic era works for brass. The woodwinds are featured next in Francis Poulenc’s enchanting Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano, rich with the wit and melodic gifts for which Poulenc is loved. Finally, Beethoven’s virtuosic Sextet for 2 Horns and String Quartet, full of fanfares and hunting calls, brings the program to a rousing conclusion.


Charles O. Wood, III and Miriam M. Wood Foundation

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