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What Does Music Mean to You?

July has Holley Hall buzzing yet again with young musicians lining up for Summer Music Camp! To our staff, there’s nothing quite as nostalgic as watching youngsters create musical memories. Music brings us together for so many reasons, but perhaps the most important of all is to instill in young people an appreciation for music, to share with them that magical sense of in-the-moment musical discovery, and to show them that a love of music creates a bond like no other.

We spoke to our 2022 Summer Music Campers about what their camp experience creating music means to them. Read their responses below.

Campers holding flute and cello

Lucas (violin)

I don’t have an orchestra at my school and I’m the only violin player there. It’s fun to have more people to play music with at camp!

Megan (clarinet and alto saxophone)

Every time I come here I always learn something new or a new technique for the clarinet or saxophone. I like that there are professional players here to help the younger musicians out.

Vivian (flute and cello)

I thought that [camp] would be the full orchestra for the full day, so it was nice that we have separate technique classes for each instrument and then an elective class for other things like rhythm learning.

Music Campers practicing musicianship skills

Jacob (clarinet and violin)  

I really like playing music and playing instruments because it’s a nice break from other studies and schoolwork and it’s a good way to meet other people – I’ve met a lot of my really good friends through it.  [Music is] something we like to bond over. That’s why I like it. I keep coming back [to SMC] because I have friends here, it’s a good environment, and it’s just fun to be here. I like working towards a goal and it’s nice to have something in common [with others]. Making friends really is one of the best feelings.

Henry (horn & violin)

I like my instrument class. It’s nice to have one-on-one learning.

Thomas (trumpet)

I wanted to play French horn, but my band teacher told me to start on trumpet. My plan was to play trumpet all through middle school and then [switch] in freshman year of high school, but I stuck with trumpet because of this camp. I started coming here in seventh grade and I met a lot of cool people and found out [trumpet] is pretty cool.

Beatrice (flute and violin)  

The music theory class is very interesting and useful. I’ve learned a lot about the staves and the notes!

Vanessa (flute and cello)

I really like having different classes and being able to interact with the teacher one-on-one. You’re with other cellists, but it’s [a smaller group] than the whole orchestra. It’s just five cellos. It’s nice to have everybody work together [in orchestra] and then go off with our own group [to learn about our instruments].

Katy (clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute)

I started [camp] in sixth grade as a way to get ahead playing clarinet and started exploring different instruments. In seventh grade, I switched to bass clarinet because I love it. Camp is just a fun experience and it’s helped me through a lot.

Mahesh and Manish (violin)

The music [we play here] is challenging and pushes us to grow as musicians!

Rachel (trumpet)

I’ve been playing trumpet since fifth grade. I didn’t want to, but band was required at school so I chose [trumpet] because I could make a sound and then I fell in love with it. It sounds so cheesy but I love my trumpet and I love music. It’s just brought me to experiences that I never thought I’d have. Just being with people who have the same interest as me [is pretty cool].

Natalie (violin)

[Being at SMC] is nice because everyone here really cares about playing…everyone wants to be here and everyone tries their hardest to play. And if you can’t play as well as everyone else, they help you [learn]. It’s nice being surrounded by people who are a little better than you because they make you better, and then you want to play better so you can be at the same level as them. [It’s inspiring!] [I also love] the music. When you play [your instrument], it’s almost as if you get sucked into this other world. I always love coming here!

Campers and faculty

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